Referee FC is the ultimate platform for all referees of all games, bring coaching and mentors together like never before. 
In this time limited world and less volunteers now, we have a platform allowing referee coachin Newcastle to coach someone in plymouth with trackable progress. 

The advantages for this platform leads to the best development programmes for new referees, up and coming referees and referees at the top. Giving access to be able to dicuss games no matter where you are , training material and action plans all deleivered through the platform. 

The bespoke aspects of the site gives any association, federation, group of officials licemnce to train and take its members into the best direction, accessing the best referee coaches and mentors no matter where they are. The content builds up extraordinary training material for more of your members learning from everyone. 

Assessing / Observation of refereeing skills are better than ever. If you are on academy games, semi pro games you will know most of these games are videoed and can be analysed totally different now. Unlike the traditional heat ma, distance and spins, this platform looks at your skill set, strengths and weaknesses in decision making. Creates personalised action plans which can be priceless, offsides maybe a strngth but what about upper body fouls? 

Fully, monitored and tracked progress charts and courses passed continually improving but also showing if ther is the opposite of progress in your game and signs of regression. 

Referee Development Feedback/Response

Feedback to a referee is priceless, what about visual, direct feedback , full discussions, no matter where you are. 

Referee Development Upskilling and Training Plan

Working with your coach, through training courses being able to be done in your own time the upskilling begins, following a specific action plan to improve those identified weaknesses. 

Referee Distance Learning

Time is key when you are a referee, so many meetings, so many games and lots of travel, what if the training course could be done from the living room, with full interactive capabilities. Followed by online training to ensure knowledge of the training session has been understood. The platform is here and ready to be utilised.